R Cola - Raver Girl

R Cola - Raver Girl

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Дата релиза: 2017-01-17

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Lyrics to Raver Girl
i met her in a trance room, at a rave in frisco
glitter in her hair a sparkle in her eye now
she wore a lazy smile that seemed so sad
but with a name like bubbles couldnt be that bad
she said, 'can you feel the vibe baby? can you feel the love? i'll give you a massage with the vicks vap-o-rub
cus my friends givin head so she'll be awhile'
i declined so she inclined to find another guy
hey girl thats cool, i'll play the fool, and get back to jamalski in the jungle room
go make romance, to all your trance cus raver girl i've come here to dance

thats my raver girl steppin to the floor
dropping is her new best friend, she dont need to bake no more
cus she dont like jungle and cant stand house
likes the straight trance shit with a pill in her mouth
a pretty mess to me, baby...

our paths met again, at an underground in sactown
i was chillin in that happy hardcore lounge
and there she was, a silhouette in the bright lights, adorned in the threads of a princess

that night at first she seemed alright
then spun like a dove and fell on her side
no one about her seemed to care
her eyes returned a steady hollow glare

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