Misery Signals - Ebb And Flow Acoustic

Misery Signals - Ebb And Flow (Acoustic)

Длина песни: 04:58

Дата релиза: 2017-04-14

Просмотров: 652

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Текст песни:

Revive a sense of hope
Amidst these abandoned dreams
Rewrite what it is to feel
In hopes it will carry me home

Drift in and out
The light of morning drags me back
I need release
Separate this body from my mind

Send me home

My conscience there to send me off to sleep
When I need you closer
For when I wake I am greeted by shades of gray
I'll return to you

In dreams, the sun sets in our eyes
In dreams, we'll never be apart
In dreams, I'll promise you'll never be alone
How much I wish your voice could send me home

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