Michael Malarkey - Break those chains

Michael Malarkey - Break those chains

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Дата релиза: 2016-10-02

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A life like frozen water on the duck pond in the town I grew up in with old man winter, frost on the window, the birds all gone to somewhere warmer and I wonder how long will I feel so breakable yet unfazed by anything as if I could crack but I hold it all in, well maybe everyone's felt like that all along and forever ago.

And these chains of papers and payments are heavy as water and I can feel myself drowning and I'm seeing red in each sense of that colour, red like blood and debt and rage and all I want is to break those chains but I don't want to start over again.

I want to carry on without my wreckage, without my treasure, all along and forever, carry on without my chains, without my name because I'm more than just a number.

But I walk across this frozen pond, I hear the scream of fractures and I wonder if I'll break this time or carry on into the night. The ice it creaks and groans and I can swear I hear her laughter and I'm scared as hell that I don't understand what this all means.

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