Hollywood Undead - Up In Smoke instrumental

Hollywood Undead - Up In Smoke (instrumental)

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Дата релиза: 2017-03-14

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Текст песни:

So everybody get down
like you just got out of rehab

Im so high..
and Im so high..

The bottles low
and I cant feel my face no mo
We up in smoke
and I cant feel my face no mo

Oh, shit,
had a couple too many
Didnt have s h i t planned, mixing vodka with Henny
Now I cant sit d o w n, cause Im already spinning
Acting like Im rich man, spending every penny

Lets get FUCKED UP, put on your helmet and kneepads
Cause Im so high, cant feel my face
Cause me and weed go together like Diddy and Mase

I fuck with a six pack
Bong or a Zig-Zag
dont puke here, choke on a tic-tac
I walked the line but my eyes are crooked,
Couple more drinks, bitch,
now youre good looking

Motherfucking real HOLLYWOOD,
not some b-list actor
Im faded as fuck
watch me moon walk backwards
Its a house party,
Los Angele-ees
So fuck the cop,
My middle fingers are up

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