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Requirements for V to retain the bike’s original UK registration number. Please note that this is a UK service only. DVLA cannot approve overseas motorcycles. Important Note: The Dating letter supplied is in no way a guarantee of Authenticity of the vehicle and you should make your own investigations into the provenance of any Classic Motorcycle. Clear photographs of the complete Stamped Frame and Engine numbers are required and, Vin plate if fitted. Chalk or marker pen rubbed into the numbers can aid photography. If evidence can’t be supplied then we reserve the right to refuse a Dating letter. Photographs of the complete bike from each side. The reason for this is so that we can ensure most parts consistent with the year of manufacture, if a machine has been altered with parts from different years or bikes, the DVLA might wish to class the bike as a special and issue a Q plate.

Providing proof of identity for a driving licence

I did include a copy of the Heritage certificate for the vehicle with my application, which shows the date of build as 2 August ; however obviously this certificate from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust is not acceptable? I’ve read on some other topics on this website that others have had this issue in the past also? I suspect the problem with your application centres around your inclusion of a copy of the Heritage Trace and not the original document.

This letter is produced primarily to assist the DVLA in allocating an age related Photographic evidence of the VIN/Chassis Number and if possible, Engine.

Agency tells owners to prove their cars’ histories, or they’ll get Q-registrations. The DVLA is investigating owners of classic cars with Historic Vehicle status and demanding they send evidence to prove that their cars qualify for it – but won’t reveal the scale of its activities. The agency has been sending letters to owners asking them to send information to prove their cars qualify for the tax-free category for pre vehicles. In one of the letters, the agency warns that it may issue the owner of a Bugatti with a ‘Q’ regiatration plate, depending on the quality of information it receives.

John Vale, Vehicle Registration Policy team leader, said in the letter: ‘Initial investigations have confirmed that some historic vehicles have been built using replica or replacement parts, or a mixture of period and new components, and have therefore been incorrectly registered. The DVLA requires information about the provenance, construction and origin of your vehicle – you should provide it.

If any amendments are needed, these will be made and a new vehicle registration certificate issued. This could involve the issue of a new vehicle regiatration number – and in some cases Individual Vehicle Approval may be required or a Q registration number may be appropriate. Classic Car Weekly understands that so far around letters have been sent out – primarily to owners of Bugattis and other pre-WW2 cars – and that the DVLA is not planning a blanket initiative covering all Historic Vehicle owners.

The DVLA has confirmed to CCW that it is sending letters to Historic Vehicle owners in order to investigate if their vehicles are eligible for the status, but did not respond to requests for information on the scale of the initiative. An agency spokesman said: ‘DVLA has been made aware that some vehicles recorded in the Historic tax class may have been incorrectly registered.

WE have a legal responsibility to ensure that the records we hold are accurate.

DVLA Crackdown on Classic Car Ages

Discussion in ‘ General discussion ‘ started by niroshann , Jun 13, Log in or Sign up. The Z Club of Great Britain. The Z Club relies on the support of it’s paid members – join the club or renew your membership here. Mr F who usually does these letters has the details from my end warned me that there was a backlog of requests fingers crossed but I know he is a busy man so I am not sure if there is any other way of getting such a letter sooner keeping in mind the DVLA takes up to 6 weeks to get process the application.

Nissan GB have been hopeless – have tried them a few times and even tried Nissan Hong Kong where the car was first registered with no success.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Motorcycle DVLA Dating Service. have lost their registrations, when no evidence of the original registration is available.

The DVLA require an owner to provide evidence of the manufacturing date from the manufacturer where available. Until recently this has been problematic with Volkswagen vehicles as there has been a considerable lead time in obtaining such a document from the Volkswagen museum in Wolfsburg. However, this has changed, documents are now supplied from Volkswagen Classic Parts who are now able to supply a Data Sheet correlating production date and chassis number VIN with a slightly quicker turnaround.

I have supplied a sample of this document to the DVLA and received confirmation that it is admissible evidence for all applications. Should Volkswagen inform an owner in writing that they cannot provide the details then in most cases the Historic Volkswagen Club can help. We are able to issue an Age Certificate in the form of a letter confirming the period of manufacture of a Volkswagen vehicle for use by an owner to obtain an ‘Age Related’ registration mark in the UK.

This letter should then be passed, by the owner, to the DVLA for processing. We may be able to provide proof of production date for ‘Historic Vehicle’ classification depending on available data but the VW museum should be approached first. To obtain an age verification letter the owner MUST supply the club with the following items Enquiries with photographs embedded in emails will be rejected!

Please send all photographs etc. Good quality photos please. For the club to process V forms please note the following Inspections – There are some occasions which necessitate an inspection of the vehicle, if this is the case a Historic Volkswagen Club representative will contact the owner to arrange the inspection.

Dating Certificates

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The DVLA require an owner to provide evidence of the manufacturing date from the manufacturer where available. Until recently this has been problematic with.

Quickly exit this site by pressing the Escape key Escape key not available with JavaScript disabled Leave this site. This means an officer had reasonable grounds to believe that the driver was uninsured or was not driving in accordance with their driving licence. If your vehicle has been seized for this reason the driver should have received a form seizure notice. To reclaim your vehicle you must go to the correct pound and bring the correct documents which are listed below.

If you took out the policy after the vehicle was seized then you must also declare relevant pending convictions. It’s a serious criminal offence to fail to declare the correct material facts or to give false information when getting insurance. This can render your insurance invalid. We may share information with your insurer or the Motor Insurers’ Bureau if we suspect an offence.

DVLA MOT & TAX Exemption Questions Answered

Quick links. DVLA Dating problem! This obviously isn’t good enough. Any suggestions? Thanks in anticipation.

Register. Machines that have not been previously registered in the UK will require: DVLA form V55/5, Dating Certificate (available from the Vespa Club); MOT (if.

When it come to registering a vehicle, one of the most off-putting things for a lot of people is the paperwork. Since the inception of the VHRA we have been issuing letters of authentication for barn finds, imports, reconstructed classics and all sorts of vehicles with or without identity. The service also runs to helping with the form filling too. When registering a vehicle, there are a number of requirements from the DVLA when it comes to confirming the age of a vehicle. If you have old documentation supporting the vehicle registration, such as a buff log book or old tax discs, then the application is made via a V form.

For this you will need a club on the V register to authenticate what you have. To qualify, cars do need to be relatively complete and in one piece. As supporting evidence of age, in the first instance a foreign title or registration document is preferred by the DVLA. After that, a letter from the manufacturer is seen as the next best thing. Again the VHRA are able to assist in the dating of a vehicle as long as it meets the DVLA requirements, meaning that cars must be constructed of parts all from the same marque, of the same or very similar vintage, and in a complete, roadworthy condition.

Tractor Registrations

The document should be a sales receipt dated before , archive document or Authenticated Copy of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book or authenticated copy. If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies.

These will be accepted by DVLA. Many Councils destroyed their records as instructed by DVLA upon computerization of registrations but others did not and some records found their way into private trusts or collections. When applying for authenticated copies from record offices, archives , trusts or private collections , ensure that the information contains the VIN. Please note that numbers prefixed with IGM, GM or OM are not frame numbers but may be included with your submitted information as an additional means of identifying the machine.

So who is the person to approach to get some dating evidence to satisfy DVLA? Has anyone on this forum recently been successful by doing.

Finally, This process must be done as soon as possible after the vehicle enters the UK. If it not done there is a potential danger of a fine issued by HMRC. The DVLA have updated the rules with regard to registering a used vehicle either being imported into the UK or indeed already here but being registered for the first time or being re-registered after being brought back into the UK. Even when presented with evidence of date of first registration the DVLA are now asking for evidence of the date of manufacture.

Please remember that vehicles less than ten years old will need a certificate of conformity homologation which can only be acquired from the manufacturer. The details of how to obtain a C. In that circumstance you will have to apply to Peugeot France by emailing them at coceurope mpsa.

Vehicle Registration Tips

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