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They were watching old kung fu movies, because the acting was horrendously bad and hilarious. Gohan burst into laughter again as the ‘hero’ in the movie said another terrible line. Videl laughed along with him, but her attention wasn’t on the movie. Whenever he was drawn more into the movie, she stole glances at his profile since he was sitting on the couch to her right. Gohan was kind of a dork; his mother didn’t let him watch movies growing up so he would get really into them and sit on the edge of his seat, literally. It was endearing, though. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with her boyfriend, in an empty house Videl couldn’t stop her thoughts from drifting. Chichi, Goku and Goten went to visit Gohan’s grandpa.

Dragonball Z: Gohan/Videl, Smut, M

In the eyes of a specific teenager, namely Videl, it was just another year of bother, and saying the world survived another pitiful year. She shrugged at the thought and kept walking down the street to meet up some friends at the local soda shop. It was snowing; winter was still taking its toll, even if Christmas passed.

She shivered as the light snowflakes touched her nose, and her face scrunched up while feeling numb from the coldness. The blue-eyed girl kept walking and finally met up with her long time friends Melanie and Erasa.

Gohan’s feelings for Videl were powerful enough to awaken SS2 in spite of the fact that they hadn’t even started dating yet. Chichi yelled from the.

What was getting on her nerves, you may ask? She was at the mall, trying to figure out an anniversary gift for Gohan. She wanted to get him something really special for their first year as boyfriend and girlfriend, but was drawing a blank. She could get him a book, but he read so much she wasn’t sure what she could get him that he didn’t already read.

The young martial artist looked up, seeing Bulma Brief standing there with a tray with a burger and fries. Your hair and posture suggest you’re stressing aboout something. Bulma put a thoughtful look on her face before it changed to a smirk, making Videl a little nervous. So they ate, and then Bulma drove them to Capsule Corp.

A Dragonball Fanfiction — Heavy: A Dragonball Fanfiction

This episode first aired in Japan on September 29, Its original American airdate was November 27, Gohan is flying with his costume to high school. Then he lands, takes off his Great Saiyaman clothes, and sees a red haired girl named Angela on the roof and thinks she saw him transform back to Gohan. He goes back to class and the teacher tells Gohan to answer something, but Gohan is day dreaming.

Gohan meets Videl at her house to finally consumate their While his parents knew that he was dating Videl, Videl’s father had no idea.

Its like as soon as I get in bed I start thinking and sleep just becomes impossible. I don’t. I don’t know what to do E… I’m crazy for him. He’s become such an amazing friend to me. He’s so sweet, smart, handsome, and he has a certain charm about him that no one else has. This caught Erasa completely by surprise. She knew her friend liked Gohan but she could just hear her attraction for the boy in her voice.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Romance of Gohan and Videl. This is of the GohanVidel romance!

Videl smiled. They had been seeing each other for two months. They weren’t really dating, Gohan was just training her, or that’s what he told Chi-Chi. All they.

View Badges! Videl-Gohan gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Amerhuzairy 1 Deviation Featured: I have no choice. The laughter which can melt the hearts of even the darkest creatures in the universe. As time flew by, the laughter only grew harder. Their eyes shone in excitement from laughi. This is all thanks to the wonderful Akira Toriyama. XXX Videl once believed she had her entire life figured out. She had envisioned overcoming her father and becoming champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament, showing the all the world the hard work she had put into herself.

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Erasa smiled. Erasa winked. I know why you really want to know who Saiyaman is! I only want to know if this girl knows who he is, or if she can give me a clue.

Heavy: A Dragonball Fanfiction “Can you tell me something about anything other than her dating “Gohan’s not here today,” Videl told her.

Videl threw on a pair of pj pants and a white tank top and figured she’d get some english homework done since she can’t go to the dance. She and Trunks had been helping each other over the phone, since they did have the same english class. Twenty three minutes had passed, and neither of them had mentioned the events that happened earlier that day. We’re done.

Trunks remembered the talk he had with him at lunch and didn’t feel like explaining it to her. Videl took in a deep breath and exhaled. Which is crazy, right? She’s supposed to be coming back from Europe tomorrow evening. My aunt says she looks really grown for a 15 year old. Videl felt bad for him. He’s such a good guy, he deserves a great girl. My dad’s flying down south for some commercial thing, so I’ll have the house to myself. I’ll invite Gohan and Erasa.

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He was still sitting up from where he had fallen asleep and was snoring soundly. Chichi shook her head as she laughed and whispered. Chichi just put on an innocent look. What sweetie? Something scare you? Goku narrowed his eyes as he got up.

Gohan and Videl’s Firs Date. (A/N: In the manga and Japanese dub of the anime, when Videl leaves Gohan and Kibito to rejoin the others, she.

Gohan and Videl’s Firs Date. Since Gohan’s date with Angela was anime filler, I’m not taking that into account. This is Gohan’s First Date. Son Gohan was on his way back to his mountain top home, flying at supersonic speeds. He was way too excited about what his weekend had in store. The final bell had just rang. What with Buu, and now back to school, I hardly have anytime to relax.

Guess it’ll just be one of those lazy ‘at home’ weekends,’ Gohan thought to himself. To his surprise and delight, it was Videl. Videl sighed and said, “If you wanted to go out on a date with me. Gohan gave a small smile while blushing and said, “Sure. See you then? Both Gohan and Videl turned red and casually walked out of the door. Gohan finally arrived at his house just as his flashback ended.

Gohan and Videl Fanfiction

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