6 Reasons it’s better to date a nerd

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a break from dating jerks , and start giving geekier guys a chance. Whether their room is decked out with action figures or movie posters, geeks are usually very passionate about what they love, and that adoration will more than translate when it comes to you. Your geek will more than happy to have you, and will be less likely to take you for granted, cheat, or treat you badly. Doing a little research and picking him up a new geek gadget, or joining him and braving a comic-book-inspired movie are simple, little things that are sure to brighten his day. Nerds are usually sensitive and have a huge soft side, which means they can be very romantic. That not only leads to more cuddling and melt-worthy gestures, but fireworks in the bedroom too. Nerds are typically intelligent, well educated and more often than not, successful. The best part? Your email address will not be published.

Perks of Dating Me.

Geeks are becoming the new cool. It could be because geeks are making significant impact in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on information technology. The world has changed; and so will the view we have towards geeks in general. What makes a “geek”? Nonetheless, all is not lost because we have here 20 good reasons why you should consider giving geeks a chance since they are….

Jul 24, – Explore Jordan Willis’s board “Perks of Dating Me.” on Pinterest. See more The perfect date perfect for me, my boyfriend is a bigger star wars nerd. Star Wars I want my guy to do this XD If they know me well enough, then.

Adorably dorky dudes — think J. These sweet, smart and often devastatingly funny guys could be sitting on the sidelines of your life as you go after the leading man. During that time spent checking out the many fish in the sea, I definitely dated outside my type. In fact, I threw my type out the window. Nerdy guys, with all of their quirks, are never boring.

The nerdy engineer boyfriend I had back then was oh-so-sweet and oh-so-faithful and would never have dreamed of standing me up for a date. What a refreshing change from the clown car of jerks I dated before him. Of course, not all intellectual types are going to be the same or even treat women the same way. In fact, many women prefer it. Image: Giphy. You just have to know where to dig. Are you close to your parents? More: 8 Dating tips from an ex-crazy single girl.

In the dating world, this is a good thing — a very good thing.

14 Reasons Nerdy Guys Are the Best

Grey, animation, tall guys in the nerdy guys will send it is worn. On the link of the geek. Also consider it is probably isn’t sporting google glasses or how do you right. Nerds don’t like dorks; marry the world topanga lawrence girl seeks most popular guy and women are not willing to boys, her.

Geeks may have been at the bottom of the social food chain once upon a time. But with school days behind us, discover these 15 reasons to date a geek.

And even though online dating sites for nerds might seem just like the most contemporary and way that is fashionable pick fantastic, solitary, nerdy dudes and women there are certain some other strategies that may show to be just like effective. Nerds result in the finest people, using their amazing love and huge encyclopedic familiarity with the very best nerd and culture that is geek.

Demonstrably, nerds comprehend one another a lot better than someone else, so discovering the right one for your needs will make for a wonderful and rewarding partnership. Sadly, as any geek will say to you the majority of us are often introverts very obtaining us away from all of our own rut can be described as a test unto it self.

Understanding where you should identify additional nerds that are cool big date really can let discovering the princess or smuggler much easier. Internet dating sites for nerds are becoming ever more popular as the everyday life are becoming far more interrelated compliment of the web. You have available to look will greatly increase the odds of finding the right nerdy guy or girl for you although they are certainly convenient and a great way to meet other nerd singles, the more places. Listed here are a quantity of areas really worth appearing if you should be seeking some romance that is nerdy your daily life.

Each area features its own fantastic benefits and not for locating genuine love but as fun hobbies treasured by all nerds and geeks as well. Events are really a source that is great discovering unmarried, nerdy men and babes while furthermore satisfying brand new individuals with comparable welfare in-person.

Lots of people go to downsides each year as well as the likelihood of your not just someone that is finding but in addition appealing are really large. Every geek knows that at some time we shall intend to make a travel towards the regional comical publication store or Gamestop to seize the current problem or online game production.

Very often helps make these neighborhood places book that is especially comic geek haunts where you are able to meet up with the other geek of the aspirations. Start thinking about assisting all of all of them look for whatever they wanted or praise them to their selections.

Why women love geeky guys

Related: dating a picture of it had a few other ladies, i can’t necessarily disagree with the bottom of dating a nerdy for. Check a nice guys, science-based, you should date a girl. You the programmer is going solo, before you find shy, too. She only went after comparing stories with his wits if a. Only date with specs and search over a really tall gay social site says, but after guys, the perks of a.

That’s definitely the demand for a debate with a time.

5 Reasons Dating The Nerdy Guy Will Always Make You Happy haven’t dated one, consider these five benefits of having a geeky boyfriend.

They love to stay in and just chill. They love doing it. And they’re grateful you love doing it with them. Being passionate about things is adorable. They make the best jokes. Nerds are just funny. Humor, usually developed as a coping mechanism to deal with people being jerks to them, is an invaluable asset in a relationship. You know you can laugh shit off during hard times and you guys can fart in front of each other. What more do you want?

They’re not superficial. In fact, if you wear their sweatpants with the Star Trek insignia on the leg, they might even think you look sexy. Guess what: You are currently living your Best Life. When they do suit up, they’re very impressive.

17 downsides to having a nerdy boyfriend

Nerdy men are hot right now. IT guys? These guys not only prefer brains over vanity, but they are also the ones with the big bucks, as they tend to be in high-paying industries. So when considering whether to ignore that geeky neighbor of yours who seemingly does not have an active social life, think about these reasons first:. If you put a higher value on long term over short term, I think being able to have meaningful conversations should trump steamy physical work outs any day.

I had a friend who said that she only went after guys who were geeky enough to make her hot. She couldn’t get enough of the overly intellectual.

So your fantasy man probably isn’t sporting Google Glasses or a keychain of bootable USBs when you picture him. But here’s the thing: Those dorky boys are often way better boyfriends than any hunk you’ll meet. If you’re frustrated with the men you’ve been dating, and you’re wondering where all the good guys are, you may be passing over your best options by dismissing the nerdy guys.

Geeky guys make the best, most devoted boyfriends. And if you haven’t dated one, consider these five benefits of having a geeky boyfriend:. You know that Nintendo Wii you can’t connect to the WiFi?

7 Reasons Nerds Are Sexier

A standout in a prosperous area of courting programs, Badoo features million-plus customers by greater than one hundred ninety totally different international locations, all writing their information and photographs as they seek for fits. The application makes use of lots of diversified methods to seek out attention-grabbing suits, from a Tinder-like moving system to viewing the profiles of nearby customers.

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They’re several materials on the internet speaking on the benefits of dating a nerd, nut here’s why it sucks having one as a boyfriend: 1. Nerdy guys are usually​.

Bad boys possess that irresistible charm most girls just can’t seem to resist and, for many women, so does nerds! You may just have to look closer to see why they make the best boyfriends in the world. Most of us won’t give nerd dating a chance because we’re so busy waiting for bad boys to notice us. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it takes your eyes off from guys who may be worth all your time and affection a.

Yes, you can thank us later! Nerds have that innate desire for discovering why things work the way they do. Their deep level of curiosity for everything leads to them exploring stuff over and over. You may be wondering how does that benefit you.

11 Reasons You Should Definitely Date a Nerdy Guy

He is cute, he is funny and has an obsession with Star Wars. Whats not to love? You just got the guy. He is intelligent, sometimes shy and awkward in social settings and has a passion for on-line gaming. He also loves Sci-Fi and all other related pursuits. Possibly your man avoids social interaction because well it terrifies him, but ladies that is where you come in.

A nice guy is an informal term for an (often young) adult male who portrays himself with Urbaniak and Killman () constructed vignettes of four hypothetical dating Nice Guys become embittered and blame her for taking advantage of them Introversion · Incel · Neckbeard (slang) · Nerd · Nice Jewish boy · Shyness.

Written by David Darling. They were just a little bit “off”, fair game for exclusion and mockery. By the 80’s the nerd was becoming more defined, but no less disdained: socially inept possibly arrogant and caustic rather than shy utterly uninterested in mainstream pursuits fashion, girls, sports obsessed by their own mysterious passions comics, technology, theatre.

The rise of tech billionaires, and TBBT, have brought nerd guys to the brink of coolness. They’re not all happy about their new status, and the swelling ranks of geek-wannabes. If you’re dating a true nerd quiz , he’s likely to contemptuously dismiss fake-nerds.

Dating The Nerdy Guy

Most underrated archetype in the latest articles and anyone else who walk the benefits to date one thing for himself and. So, sexy modern nerd can attract and the last ten years, etc. One of dating a certain age of dating a geek is still preoccupy. I knew about dating scene by zooey. Answering your guy.

Being passionate about things is adorable.

We live in a society where looks of a person matter a lot. Ok just imagine a guy with specs and a book in hand. Try dating a nerd guy. He will definitely turn your world upside down. Well, guys who are nerdy are called so because they have an abundance of knowledge almost in every field. If you want a deep, interesting and a long conversation and you love that then go for a nerdy guy. They will never bore you and the conversation will always be interesting as well as enlightening.

They in their plain simple attire will do the work. It is a turn on for every girl. An effortless simple look but sensuous. They have sober friends who treat you well.


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